Activating seniors! Project meeting in Münster

International project partners of SASME met together to discuss the development and the future steps of their project. The meeting took place on 16-19.05.2018 in Münster, Germany.

The partners from Poland, Germany, Romania and Lithuania met for the 5th time to talk about the SASME project – Social Activation of Seniors through Media Education. Meeting in Münster was an opportunity to make the reflections after more than a half time of the project. The most important issue was to discuss the working progress of Intellectual Outputs. Most of them, for example the learning program, educational films or the board game are ready. The first edition of the European Senior Voice Magazine has been also successfully finished. The partners received printed magazines and spread them among the local seniors. The biggest task of the partners during the meeting in Münster was to exchange the feedback and plan the next edition of the Senior Voice. This time, due to the time management, last two editions will be combined. The magazine itself will be even more educational. The sections of ‘The stylish senior’ and ‘Gardening senior’ will stay as they were in the first edition. The partners were summing up the results and setting up some deadlines. The project manager from Germany, Daria Jaranowska, admits that the work on the Senior Voice Magazine was fruitful: ‘It was really interesting to work with the editorial board of the magazine. Our seniors did a good job and me personally I enjoyed working on that and I am proud from the result’.

The meeting in Münster let the partners to discuss about the dissemination and evaluation strategies. Organisations from Romania and Lithuania shared their ideas and asked the others to contribute.  The leader of SASME project agreed to most of the proposals and informed about the financial conditions.

It was also crucial to discuss about the Senior Card complain, which will be organised in each project partners’ country.

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