Träger: Arbeitskreis Ostviertel e.V.
Zeitraum: 01.06.2015 – 31.12.2015

These days there is a fundamental change of values and a social upheaval inside the Ukrainian society. For the first time civil society initiative, education and political participation are in the focus of a young generation. The project fosters the structure of civil society of the partner lands Germany and Ukraine and making a contribution for the stabilization of the Ukraine by realizing a sustainable networking, a pool of trainers, infrastructure and common training in „new media and civic involvement“.


Das CMIPD-Ukraine-Projekt des AKO wird vom Auswärtigen Amt der Bundesrepublik Deutschland gefördert

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The primary target group are multipliers and journalists from organizations of the civil society, universities and from the media of communication. In addition students, journalists, employees and volunteers from non-governmental-organizations (NGOs), youth centers as well as from organizations from the section of political and intercultural education can participate in the project.

The project will be divided in three parts. The first is a training course in Kiev where different workshops in media take place. The second part is a training course for trainers in Germany and the third part is the final event in Kiev again. Around 20 participants from the Ukraine will be a part of the project. The main aim is to built up a citizen media center at Kiev up to the end of the project.

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Comments of participants
  • Today we were trained how to work with the camera using the different views and panorama. We had also the theoretical part which we need to implement into the practice. The work with our colleagues in pairs was of special value–Olena Kolupayeva (Kamyanets-Podilskyi, Ukraine)

  • It is very interesting that we have the possibility to meet here with the people from the whole Ukraine, the people who have achieved something and who can share with you with something which can be valuable for your professional development. The special value is the possibility of communication with the professionals from different countries. The impressive thing is that here we can meet the people of different age and of different professional experience who will have to realize the common project–Nataliya Kasyanova (Odesa, Ukraine)

  • For me the special discovery was the speech of Pawel Bolobowicz (agency “Wnet”, Warsaw) who could represent his topic in absolutely different view. I am appreciate to the organizers of this event for such interesting guests and the possibility to work together in such an interesting command–Lyudmyla Fedorchuk (Kyiv, Ukraine)

  • Already the thing that I heard here in the first day of our workshop is the great step for our development and professional raising. It could be the certain result even after the first day of training. And I am happy to work in this command–Anna Skorospyelova (Zaporizhzhya region, Ukraine)

  • I have very pleasant expressions from the first day of my work. I expect that we will have much interesting things to learn. Here we have the friendly atmosphere that encourages the efficient cooperation and communication. The participant are interesting both as the colleagues and the individuals–Alyona Merzhevska (Volnovakha, Ukraine)

  • For a very long time I’ve had such a dream to work in such a command. Here you have the possibility to try yourself in different parts of work which are targeted at the common project results. It is just great. The experience of our German trainers is priceless. And I do hope that I could learn much things which will be useful for my professional and scientific experience–Nataliya Vashchenko (Kyiv, Ukraine)

  • I am glad to meet the new people here, to learn the new experience from them, and I expect that I will use this new knowledge in my work–Tetyana Litvinova (Kyiv, Ukraine)

  • I was glad to have the possibility to work in groups. Also it was great to meet together with our participants in the evening and to spend time in informal atmosphere. It gave us the possibility to tell more to our German trainers and organizers about Ukraine, Euromaidan and the current situation which take place in Ukraine now–Yana Stepaniuk (Kyiv, Ukraine)

  • My first impression from the work with this group is that its participants are very ambitious. Today we have raised many important moments in order to prepare the topic. Though our participants do not know how to work with the camera, but they have a wonderful possibility to learn how to do it–Grzegorz Konopski, trainer

  • New experience is always useful. Someone tells that he/her has heard a lot of already known information. But I think that it is not so important. Each time when you hear the known information you always learn something really new–Evhen Tsymbalenko (Kyiv, Ukraine)

  • Here I could get to know with the serious equipment. Our trainers were very high professional, communicable and initiative. They explained to each participant of the seminar how to work with the camera, each detail of editing and recording. For me it is advanced training. And I am appreciate that I met with such interesting people on the Public Radio as Kyrylo Lukerenko, Andriy Kulykov, Natalya Sokolenko–Maksym Balaklytskyi (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

  • Here I have acquired new experience. It was interesting to trace how the exchange of thoughts and ideas have developed into the certain result – a film. We have passed all stages of work. And I hope that our work was successful. Each participant have got the possibility to contribute into this project. And I think this is the main thing in this project–Natalia Zhelikhovska (Kyiv, Ukraine)

  • The very important thing was that I met here with many interesting people. Now I look at the world from another perspective – critically and objectively to myself and to others. It is safe to say that I have received the invaluable experience and now I am sure that I have the dynamic to move in a forward direction–Yuri Zaliznyak (Lviv, Ukraine)

  • It was my first experience of participating such events and now I can say that was really cool! Here we have all – funny moments, a good work in a team, interesting lessons from our projectleaders and beautiful leisure time. But the main is that world has a new media-family. So I’ll always be happy to meet all of my new brothers and sisters–Dmitriy Kuznetsov (Volyn region, Ukraine)