Today our border-crossing project „Citizen Media for Intercultural and Political Dialogue“ in cooperation with the Open Channel Ludwigshafen, the German Department for Foreign Affairs, the Forum of Ukrainian Journalists and the national Taras-Schewtschenko-University of Kyiv started.

In the evening we (German group) arrived with the plain at the airport of Boryspil near Kyiv. But the journey started with bad news. Grzegorz left his passport at home, so he was not able to join the flight to Kyiv. Some people would say that Grzegorz was just thinking in the right way, because maybe he just dreamed of a Europe or a world without borders. That would mean that a passports would be not important anymore. In the end Grzegorz will take another flight and will join the group at Kiev tomorrow.

Later in the evening we had a wonderful dinner with the partners of the project from Ukraine at a restaurant, where we talked about the plans for the next days and the conference at the next day.


After the arrival yesterday today started the work. After the breakfast the Ukrainian partners took a walk with us through the university and showed us the different rooms for the media productions. There is for example a TV-studio for learning how to manage a moderation, a radio station which broadcasts its productions all over the Ukraine and many more. After the tour we started to prepare the equipment for the documentation of the conference with the German and Ukrainian partners. Around 80 people visited the conference and watched the presentations of the Citizen Media Center Bennohaus, the European Network Association Youth4Media and the Public Access of Ludwigshafen. Also a proxy of the institute of journalism Vitali Korneev gave an introduction of the project. Pawel Bobolowicz a polish journalist that lives in the Ukraine gave an input about the situation in the past of the Ukraine and Poland and the changes up to now. At the end of the conference the workshops which will start tomorrow were presented. During the conference a team of the Ukrainian TV-channel „Espreso.tv“ conducted an interview with Joachim Musholt the executive chief of the AKO and the chairman of Youh4Media Network about the project and the current political situation in Ukraine and Russia. The whole interview you can be watched here. All people who are a part of the project now looking forward to the beginning of the workshops.

In the evening even Grzegorz arrived at Kyiv. He was very glad to join the group and looking forward to the starting of the workshops, too.

Later in the evening the group of Germans and Ukrainian went to the inner city of Kyiv and the Ukrainian told us something about the different buildings and sights in the city.


Today was the first day of our workshop “Citizen Media for Intercultural and Political Dialogue” in Kyiv. All 20 participants gathered in the Institute of Journalism and divided in four groups, headed by the team leaders from the Bennohaus, Youth4Media and the Public Access Channel of Ludwigshafen. The group of Sofia Samoylova learned how to work with camera, how to build the shot, shot angle and found out about many other technical moments. They also chose the theme of two future videos: one will concern to the meaning of homeland, and other is yet a secret. The teams of Grzegorz Konopski and Daria Jaranowska worked together. They watched video tutorials about making the movies and afterwards they brainstormed to choose the themes of their future short films and worked with camera and other equipment. Team headed by Johannes Hauswald discussed the topic of social media like Facebook and blogs.

In the evening participants took a walk across Maidan Nezalezhnosti and Mariyinsky Park. They saw the Friendship of Nations Arch and a beautiful landscape of the river Dnipro. Participants also visited such historical for Ukrainians places like the Hrushevsky Street and the entrance to the Dynamo stadium, where many skirmishes took place during the Revolution of Dignity.


The second day of our project started with some teambuilding games at the hall. All participants of the project take part, so a very friendly atmosphere for work was created. So we began our working day with perfect mood and excellent attitude for the work.

This day our organizers Mr. Wolfgang Ressmann and Dr. Joachim Musholt (“Bürgerhaus Bennohaus (AK-Ost)”) visited the Espreso.TV and gave an interview about the project and the relationship of Ukraine and Germany. Here you can watch the whole interview.

In the same time the workshop groups were working at the university. The participants of the video groups of Grzegorz and Daria were trained how to set the camera, how to work with it and how to prepare an interview. The participants could learn much information how to work with the camera using different tricks and taking panoramic shots. The group of Sofia learnt also how to work with the camera. They made several plots about what the concept “Motherland” for each participant of this group meant. In the result they were trained to work with the camera, sound and microphone transmitter. As a result they could learn the special features of editing and recording. The PR group documented everything by taking photos and post articles about our work on the blog of the project and on Facebook.


The June 22th was one of the main days for participants of “Citizen Media for Intercultural and Political Dialogue” to get the materials for the final results of their work. While they were starting their work in groups, our organizers Dr. Joachim Musholt and Dr. Wolfgang Ressmann with Volodymir Danyliuk visited the residence of the former president of Ukraine Viktor Janukovich at Mezhyhirya. “I think no one in Europe is able to live like this”, said Daria, who has filmed that territory.

At the same time in the Institute of Journalism participants worked with different aspects of citizen media. The group of Sofia Samoylova filmed the interviews for their report and worked with editing video materials after lunch. The participants also supported their teammate Denis with his diploma defending and prepared for three records for their film on the next day. To get more information, to analyze it, to write the articles and publish them on the blog – that was an usual working process for PR-group of Johannes Hauswald. The participants continued their work with the diary and articles about the other workshop groups. Groups of Daria Jaranowska and Grzegorz Konopski worked outdoor with cameras. Daria with her teammates recorded interviews with organizers of our project and its participants. Members of this group are going to make a report about the whole part of the project. The group of Grzegorz have worked for two days even at the evening. They want to make a film about success of the citizen media and their main theme was people’s opinion about citizen radio. So Grzegorz teammates interviewed ordinary citizens, media experts and even minister adviser. So, for the next day they are going to edit their report and get a successful final result.

In the evening our organizers and project leaders had an impressive walk to the Andriivska Street. They were surprised by a beautiful architecture of Andriivska church and a lot of different-coloured buildings at this territory.


Today our work has been done in other way than in previews days. The professional level of each participant has grown up. Everyone knew what he/her have to do for getting the result. The atmosphere in the seminar has been changed and it looked like a real media holding. Each group worked hardly under finishing its project. Finally the video groups started the editing of the videos.

At the evening there is a intercultural party organized by the participants. The Ukrainians told about their country, national traditions and presented some specialities of their country. German collegues compared the Ukrainian traditions with their own ones. During the party Marietta, the student of Institute of Journalism was singing for our guests her own songs. The real surprise on this evening was made by our project participant Anastasiya Russu who sang also several beautiful songs. This party became very important for our teambuilding.


Today was the worst day of the week, because it was the last one. It was the last time we were working in our groups. All groups were hurry up with finishing their projects in order to present them in the evening. 3 video group presented films. You can find these films and watch them on pages of these groups in our blog.

The presentation of our work consisted of three parts. At the beginning we were debating, during which organizers and a representative of the students answered different questions. For example, we talked about the expectations and the results of this project. Then, group leaders presented their films, and we presented our blog. After that, all participants and group leaders were awarded with certificates for taking part in this project. All the participants talked about the experience and we are thankful for the experience and the chance to learn something new.

At the end we took a collective photo. The saddest part of the day – was the farewell. This week all the friends were together, but next day we had to return to our work. Only part of us will meet again in Germany in autumn. This week passed by very quickly. Although we are tired, we all are happy that were part of this project.


The last day is gone and all the participants of our project, too. We (the Germans) are going back to Germany and normal life will go on. But the impressions of this project are safe in our heads. And the contact to the people we got to know will not break up. It was a great time in Kyiv with great participants and now they are good friends, too. In October the next meeting of the project will take place in Germany. Than five participants from Ukraine will visit Münster and 5 participants will visit Ludwigshafen. Up to this time they will work on their films with the cameras we left. We all looking forward to the next meeting and we are so happy that we are able to be a part in this great project.

So it is time to say „Thank you!“ to all the nice participants, trainers and organizers for a great week.