The main city of the country

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. It is a big European city, that attracts to itself a lot of tourists. The population of Kyiv is about 3 million. Kyiv can boast of its unique geographical location – it is divided into two parts by Dnipro, one of the biggest rivers in Europe. There are huge green islands in between its banks. For example, the area size of Trukhaniv island constitutes about 4,5 square kilometers. It is larger than Central Park in New York. The right bank of the Dnipro river is situated on hills with picturesque panoramic views. All the main places of interest are located mostly in the central part of the city, meaning you do not have to use public transportation and just walk. Nevertheless, you have to see subway. It is very deep! For example, “Arsenalna” station is the world’s deepest. It’s built 105,5 meters under the surface of the ground.­­

„Alley of Heroes celestial hundreds“

Alley of Heroes celestial hundreds has been renamed in honor of the victims during the Euromaidan. Heroes of hundreds of heavenly is the collective name for the deceased members of Euromaidan. During the protests in Kyiv from November 30, 2013 up to April 2014 there was killed 106 persons. Most of the people were killed in February 20, 2013 during the sniper fire in the Instytutska street (now Alley of Heroes celestial hundreds). Euromaidan was a wave of demonstrations in Ukraine, which was a result to the denial of the government to sign the Agreement of European Association. As the basic reasons for the scale of the protests we can call social injustice, tremendous polarization of incomes and living standards of Ukraine and the rampant corruption that permeated the executive and the judiciary authorities, law enforcement agencies.

The symbol of the Ukrainian capital

Maidan Nezalezhnosti is the heart of the modern Kyiv, its main and the most beautiful square that has become the symbol not only of the Ukrainian capital,but of the whole country. But the main street in Kyiv is Khreshchatyk. Its the perfect place where you can feel best of all the original rhythm and atmosphere of Kyiv. Here, you can admire interesting buildings, listen to street musicians, watch the performances, and enjoy the sights of the blossoming chestnut trees in the spring.­

Saint Sophia Cathedral

Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv is an outstanding architectural monument of Kyivan Rus‘. Today, it is one of the city’s best known landmarks and the first Ukrainian patrimony to be inscribed on the World Heritage List along with the Kyiv Cave Monastery complex. The cathedral was founded by Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise and built between 1037 and 1044. Saint Sophia Cathedral was created as a center of Kyiv Metropolis and the main church of the Kyivan Rus’. When the cathedral was built, it was constructed also the scriptorium and established the first library. Saint Sophia Cathedral is on St. Sofia`s Square. Its one of the oldest areas of the city and is close to Independence Square in the historical center of Kyiv.

The Ukrainian traditional clothing

Vyshyvanka is the Ukrainian traditional clothing which contains elements of Ukrainian ethnic embroidery. Many variations of its design were created. Embroidery always enclosed certain information. It allowed to read where the shirt came from (since each of the regions had its favorite combination of colors), gender and function of the garment: it could be intended for everyday wear, festive or marriage purpose, etc.

Some interesting facts about Ukraine

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe after Russia, and Ukrainian territory is entirely located in Europe.

On its territory is a quarter of all black earth reserves of the earth concentrated.

It occupies 0.41% of the global land area, which is home to 0.85% of the planet’s population and which brings 0.20% of the global gross national product.

The town of Rahiv, which is surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, is the geographical center of Europe.

The Ukrainian trembita is the longest musical instrument in the world. Its length can reach four meters and it can be heard from as far as 10 kilometers away.

One of the most famous Ukrainian Christmas songs „Shchedryk“ (written by Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovich), is known all over the world as „Carol of the Bells“.

Ukraine is ahead of the European countries in terms of honey production being at the same time the first in the world for production of honey per capita (1.5 kg).

In the world there are only six famous Monasteries which have the status of Lavra. Three of them are located in Ukraine. It is the Holy Kyiv Monastery of the Caves, which received this status back in 1598, the Holy Dormition Lavra in Pochayiv and Svyatohorsk Holy Dormition Lavra in Donetsk region.

The monuments to the famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko are established in 1200 places worldwide.

The longest trolleybus route in the world is 86 km away, and it passes in the Crimea between Simferopol and Yalta.

The shortest capital street in the world is Khreshchatyk in Kyiv. Its total length is 1225 m.

The oldest map known for the scientists, as well as the most ancient settlement of Homo Sapiens are found in Ukraine: the village Mezhduryechye in Rivne region. They are about of 14.5-15 thousand years. The map is stamped on mammoth ivory.