13 Jahre Kooperation des Bennohauses und der Revivim Highschool in Israel

Am Sonntag, den 26. Oktober ist es wieder soweit. Vertreter des Bennohauses machen sich auf den Weg nach Israel. Eine Gruppe von Mitarbeitern und Freiwilligen wird nach Rishon Le Zion, der israelischen Partnerschaft Münsters, reisen, um das Projekt „The times they are changing – die Geschichte hinter jiddischen Liedern“ der deutsch-israelischen Jugendbewegung fortzuführen.

Sunday, 19th October

Bruchim Haba’im – Welcome to Israel

Our adventure to Israel started on Sunday morning. After we managed to smooth out the last obstacles of our trip, which the labor union of train drivers prepared for us in the last minute to make our journey even more venturous, we luckily arrived on time at the airport in Dusseldorf. For some of us it was not only the first trip to Israel but also the first flight and therefore sometimes difficult to deal with the turbulences due to weather changes during the flight. With a small delay we finally arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel-Aviv Yafa. In the arrival area of the airport we received a warm and loud welcome by Meyrav and the Israeli participants, our hosts from the Municipality of Rishon Le-Zion. After all the participants of the project “Creative Art Against Discrimination” were introduced to each other we went home with our hosts to get to know and spend some time with the families that we are staying with for the next days. Exhausted from the long journey but excited to get started with our project we fell into our beds. Laila tow! (good night!)

Monday, 20th October

Lizkor ve lisloa’ch – Remember and forgive

After our first night in our host families we met at the new Youth Center in Rishon Le-Zion. Meyrav, the Director of the Training Center for Youth Leadership and International Relations, welcomed us and showed a short film introducing the different projects organized and hosted by the Youth Center. With games and other activities like fruit salad (similar to musical chairs) guided by Asaf, a member of the Youth Department, we started to warm up. Followed by question rounds about favorite songs in our language or the importance of the Yiddish traditional songs for the outcome of our project the students were directed to write about their thoughts and create a collage. The group got closer and more connected to each other as we also learned more about the expectations of every participant. Afterwards Daria, the directing manager of Youth4Media, divided us into three groups: the music video group which will make the video clip for the new version of „A tree stands by the road“ created at the last meeting in Muenster in July, the music group which will record the traditional version of the song to fit it to the music video which was filmed also in July and the making of group which will document the progress and our joint adventures during the week. At lunchtime we had our first traditional meal „Shuwarma with Tahini“. A pita bread filled with meat or vegetables and a special ancient middle eastern paste that comes from the sesame seed. We continued to work. Afterwards we went to the Holocaust Survivor Center of Rishon Le-Zion where presented our version of the song „A tree stands by the road“ to the members. It was a special concern from us to show them our final product because it is based on the Yiddish song „Oyfn veg shteyt a boym“ which was one of the traditional songs they choose together with the Israeli participants in May. Lido and Alexander from the music group also performed two Yiddish songs live with their guitars. In the single interviews followed by the presentation, the survivors told about their experience and how they enjoyed seeing us working together on this project. It was a very enthralling and emotional experience, especially as Zehava Goldenberg, one of the survivors, said „It is important to remember the past but also to forgive“. Later on we had the chance to review the impressions of the day during a beautiful dinner at the fancy restaurant „Francesca“ located at the beach of Rishon Le-Zion. After the rich dinner we headed home as suddenly drums started to play. Maya and her group surprised us with an instrumental performance of her group „Tarbuka“ (arabic drums). We got tired but fascinated by all these new impressions on the bus and a long and exciting day came to an end.

Tuesday, 21st October

Avoda lifney hana’a – business before pleasure
Our day started with some warming up exercises before we began to work in our groups. The music group divided the traditional song in three parts. One part will be in Yiddish, another in Hebrew and the last part will be in German. After translating the original Yiddish lines they rehearsed in the music room of the Youth Center. For the music video they created a treatment which they will use as script to fix them into certain scenes and pictures. Later, the making of group started shooting the first scenes in the skatepark and in the tone studio. To bring our first free evening to an end we all went to Pitates Bar in the city center of Rishon Le-Zion and enjoyed Israeli and German beer.

Wednesday, 22nd October

Kol kach harbe avoda, kol kach me-at zman – „so much work, so little time“

The making of group continued shooting the rest of the groups while they were working. Lidor Daudi, one of the singers from the music group was interviewed about his experience during the project. „At wednesday we drove from the youth department to Bet Hannan’s recording studios. The funny thing about the beginning of this day was that we took the wrong bus to the other side of the city. Well, lucky for us that we have Meyrav…“. Anyway, we worked on this song that talks about leaving the parents‘ house, which seems as a difficult challenge for the parents – especially for the mothers, who think it is too early to go out into the world. At the end of the song there is a dialog between mother and son which uses metaphors to express the love of a mother for her son who is ready to explore the world . The previous generation where staying until their marriage. But with our generation it changes. It therefore reflects the feelings that mothers have nowadays. I also like the fact that we only played an acoustic version so you can feel the emoitions only with the music“. Theresa and Lidor did this one, talking in Hebrew and German, and tried to express the feeling of the mother. The combine created the main cause of our project – this wonderful and full feeling relation.  Meanwhile, at the Music clip group: Jan – „well, we were filming at Omer Lazar’s house, at Revivim’s high school. It was fun. We filmed something like 20 times because they were so bad… no, just kidding. It was nice“. At the end of the working day we went to the port of Tel Aviv and had a nice dinner in the restaurant Benny, the fisherman“ On our way back, Our bus rolled past Tel Aviv (beautiful beaches) into of Jaffa and parked by a hill near the shore. Jaffa is known for its oldest arab port of the world. This place was magical with its preserved acropolis remains and well-restored stone architecture and all its narrow streets. (Inbar & Shay)

Thursday, 23rd October

– clash of cultures

Jerusalem has loads of important places, one can say, it brathes history, but we had to pick out a few. One glance on our schedule showed, we had a strict timetable to follow, so that we could see the most of this chatoyant city. At first, we visited „yad vashem“, the most important holocaust memorial in the whole world. It´s been established in 1953 by the israelian parliament. 2.00.00 visitors each year commemorade the shoah and fate of europe`s jews in ww2. It contains several stations on the in- and outside. We started at the children`s memorial: a big hall, completely darkend, but thousands of candles break through the obscurity. While groping with the help of a bar, names and ages of annihilated children were called in, huge pictures of them gloomed. The idea behind it is, each child has a name, a story and above all a future, that has been stolen from the national socialists. 1,5 mio. Jewish infants died during the shoa, an absurd quantity, that can`t be imagined as one. With the help of mirrorconstructions, five candles were duplicated to an uncountable number that schimmerten im dunklen.Then, we went into the museum which pictures cronologoically, emphasized with several films, objects and art installations the upcoming national socialism until the retrieval of relatives and junction after the war. A lot of original things and personal objects created an intense atmosphere, that distressed everyone to the bone. After a short lunch we entered through david´s gate into the old part of jerusalem. The inner circle of this old part is highly impressing, because of its diversity. Jewish culture exists next to christians and muslims.Each culture has some of their most sacred places at close quarters, the outcome are contentions of several kinds. At first, we went to the market, a thrilling and vibrant place full of people, different items, shops and olfactories. The narowness increased the intense experience. Most of us bought some souvenirs, spices, clothes or just enjoyed the very special temper of this place. We rushed through Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where it´s said, the crucification of christ took place and Jesus is buried. This basilica is one of the holiest place for christians. Due to our little time frame, we had 15 minutes, not remotely enough time to catch the atmosphere.

The western wall is the last part existing of Salomon`s Temple, now the holiest place for the jewish community. On the ground, where the twice destroyed temple stood, is now the the al-Aqsa Mosque, where thousands of muslims pilger each day. We visited the western wall, but everyone had to pass a security-check first. Then, we went towards the wall (men and women have seperated sections at the wall) and dropped a notice with wishes and prayers written on. Umpteen believers gathered at the wall, praying, luffing, some crying. Religious or not, it´s impossible to deny the spiritual power of this place.
At 6 pm we were appointed for a segwayride. After a short introduction, we got on our machines and dashed through the night. Everyone enjoyed it a lot, beside a lot of fun, we learned about Har haBait (הַר הַבַּיִת) is the templemount, one of the most sacred sites of the world for jewish, muslim and christian people. We faded the day with an awsome meal (as everyday) at the Spaghettim´s and went back by bus, very tired but full of inspiration and new experiences. (Theresa)

Friday, 24th October

Shabbat Shalom

As the final event came closer and closer we had to finish with our products. Therefore every group met at the Youth center in the early morning to get started. The next day we will present what we achieved in this one week of working and sightseeing to our families and host families.  We all hoped to finish our work fast so we could have some leisure time before the traditional Shabbat dinner that Omer’s family invited us to. The making off group continued to tape interviews with participants for the final movie. The music video group went to Revivim Highschool to edit the last parts of the video. The Music group was rehearsing their two songs and it sounded promissing and instilled a desire for more. In the evening we met at Omer’s house to celebrate Shabat together. Everyone brought two dishes, that every hostfamily prepared for this special dinner. The Shabbat celebration starts on Friday before sunset. It is very common to wish everyone that crosses your way a Shabbat Shalom, a peaceful Shabbat. According to halakha, commonly known as the code of jewish law, the meal begins with a kidush, a blessing recited over two loaves of braided bred, wine or grape juice to sanctify the Shabbat and Jewish holidays. Before the blessing the family provided Kippas for the men and everybody gathered around the big dinner table. Omer’s father started with the blessing:

ברוך אתה, אדוני אלוהינו, מלך העולם בורא פרי הגפן

ברוך אתה, אדוני אלוהינו, מלך העולם אשר קידשנו במצוותיו ורצה בנו, ושבת קודשו באהבה וברצון הינחילנו, זיכרון למעשה בראשית. כי הוא יום תחילה למקראי קודש, זכר ליציאת מצרים. כי בנו בחרת, ואותנו קידשת, מכל העמים. ושבת קודשך באהבה וברצון הינחילתנו. ברוך אתה, אדוני, מקדש השבת.

Praise to You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of the universe,
Creator of the fruit of the vine.
Praise to You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of the universe
who finding favor with us, sanctified us with mitzvot.
In love and favor, You made the holy Shabat our heritage
as a reminder of the work of Creation.
As first among our sacred days, it recalls the Exodus from Egypt.
You chose us and set us apart from the peoples.
In love and favor You have given us Your holy Shabbat as an inheritance.

Omer’s father broke the braided bred diped it into salt, broke it into pieces and shared it with everyone. Afterwads the dinner started. As each hostfamily prepared tow dishes for the dinner, we had a great variety to choose from: two kinds of soup and lots of different dishes with chicken, rice, couscous and meatballs.